I Build and Design Web Solutions

Websites designed with with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery with the advantages of Responsive Design and Accessibility built in.

Willing, Able and Passionate

Custom Website

We strive to develop a high-level custom website for you that both of us can be proud of. Your website will be designed and developed for your every need, and is customized for purpose and user experience. Built from the ground up.

The Inclusive Design

Building a beautiful website is just the icing on the cake. We take pride in building a fully functional website that addresses your brand, and marketing strategies with an inclusive approach that takes all visitors to the site in mind, including those with disabilities.

Responsive Design

We are all living in a mobile world. Which is why JS Development's approach is one of mobile first. In this day and age, the odds of your website being viewed on a mobile device is greater than not.

Other Services

We can walk you through the whole process of creating a website, set you up with a domain, and hosting account with one of our preferred services, and help with the design of a logo and or annimations to help your site come to life.


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